Enjoy nature with sustainable fashion

Enjoying nature is one of the best activities that can be done. A hiking route, a walk through the countryside, enjoying a mountain landscape, taking out your camera and taking a photographic route… the possibilities are many and all of them very entertaining.

If you are a nature lover and you like to enjoy your surroundings, surely you try to integrate habits that take care of the environment into your day-to-day life. For example, we try to consume only the water you need by taking short showers or buying eco-friendly washing machines. But also in the way you dress.

Going for a walk in nature and being able to continue enjoying it will depend on all the small details that we carry out for its conservation, among which the new trends in sustainable clothing stand out. For example, instead of going out for a walk in the countryside with your conventional shoes, choose vegan shoes for men or women that you like and with which you are comfortable, but that you know are totally ecological.

Your cotton t-shirts and pants, better if they are made with organic organic cotton, from productions that respect nature. But, at the same time, a perfect material to be able to walk since it is breathable and very respectful with the skin. These products also tend to be very careful with the methods they use to manufacture them. Did you know that the famous stone washed or worn jeans are very bad for the environment? Products that are used to give them their traditional appearance contaminate large amounts of water, so these are items that you have more than once asked to be withdrawn from circulation.

And the same happens with dyes. Many fashionable colors are achieved by mixing chemicals that are discharged into water, causing rivers and seas to dangerously increase their levels of pollution. Not only during their manufacture, but every time we wash them at home, they release part of those chemicals that go down the drain and continue to damage the water.

If you also bet on garments that have a good quality, not only will you be helping to pollute less in the manufacturing processes, but these shoes, shirts and pants will last much longer and as they have a longer useful life they generate less polluting waste.

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